We ran into an issue while signing you in, please take a break and try again soon. - ChatGPT Plus member

It would be any app that you have granted openai api access to. (ie. autogpt or macgpt, etc.)

Just to confirm the same problem since 3 hours ago even Plus member.

I could not login on one of my devices. However, it works on my iOS app.

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None. I’m clearly behind the times there.

Do want to try the code interpreter thing whenever this is back up for me :frowning:

Same here, can access with phone via chrome but not with laptop via chrome.

Just came back up for me. Interestingly enough. I requested a login code from my safari browser that never came but when I tried to login it let me… strange.

received the login code like 15 minutes after I requested it… Serious system hiccups on their end. Probably from running all that python code they’re doing now.

Hey guys, i thinks it’s a Chrome problem, i just tried to sign in to Microsoft Edge and I’m instantly logged in. try it

I’m using Microsoft Edge and facing the issue by the way


Any comment from OpenAI about this issue? I don’t know whom to mention here.

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Sigue el problema en todos los navegadores, más de 3 horas, correcto. Bueno, por todas las horas de trabajo que me ahorráis os lo perdono :slight_smile:

I’ve tried many times and browsers… but nothing changed. it’s still stuck in that shitty page.

Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 11.35.21 AM

paying customer. it RARELY works as it is for me. more timeouts and network errors than actual responses, and if it does ‘complete’ a response it cuts out halfway but not in a way that i can click continue, just writes some weird meta text and then starts over and repeats this process until it just peters out. they take away the barely working web search function, that was already severely limited. and now i, a paying customer, cannot even access the thing im paying for?

class action anyone? this can’t be legal. screenshot it if you get this response.

edit to add: its back, but this was still unacceptable.

additionally, its messed up that using a VPN breaks chatGPT. this thing is really exceptionally weak now.

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Same for me. I have changed many devices and browsers but just doesn’t work. So disturbing… I won’t renew PLUS membership next month

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Verified Chrome and Edge = Not working

Purchased the Plus version last night and today I cannot get on at all. I was able to get on late last night but no luck today at work where I need it.

Chrome web/android = not working
Edge = working but only 3.5 GPT

now it works again. However it was very annoying to have restricted access, even tho we are paying to avoid that

Cool. Did you do anything special or did it start working by itself? It doesn’t work for me yet

I’m having this same issue all week. What is going on?

Have been having the same issue for the past 48 hours. Plus member, but completely unable to log in due to “our systems are a bit busy at the moment”. Tried firefox, chrome and edge, all with the same result.

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I ran into the problem

We ran into an issue while signing you in,
please take a break and try again soon.