We NEED support for more payment methods!

As a developer playing around with the API I really need better ways to pay for my usage. I’d prefer to be able to pay for credits with services like PayPal, or other means where I’ve already added my card and have better control over recurring payments and my payment info. These are already known “risk vectors” that I often monitor for strange activities (Google Pay for instance already integrates with my bank), and the last years I’ve taken steps to reduce the number of services I use that require me do make payments like a caveman by adding my full debit card information. Not all of us can use credit cards, and many countries don’t have banks offering virtual cards with spending limits. Opening a Revolut account just to make these crappy API payment would also be quite sad.

I don’t trust that my payment info is safe with OpenAI. That’s more a statement to how terrible the current security situation is today rather than anything personal I have against OpenAI, but please, a lot of us would be extremely happy if we in the future instead could add credits to our accounts with existing payment providers and just have our API requests bounce when our credits are up. It would make simple integration testing and small-scale application development a lot easier. Heck, many of us would be willing to pay the transaction fees for these payment providers if it meant having the option to use them.



I agree. It would also be nice if we could just pay for a certain amount of credits instead of paying as we go. That way there is only one transaction instead of one every month. But of course, it’s subscription based and openai wants their 2 cents.