"We have refunded and canceled your subscription. You will no longer have access to ChatGPT Plus serviceYou will no longer have access to ChatGPT Plus service"

Dear ChatGPT plus helping team or OpenAI helpig team:

​ I have no place to post this, GPT4 is super smart but not your helping bot.

​ I got this “cancel your account” email days ago and I sent an email to your support address.
And today I got the same “cancel your account” again. that’s twice!

​ First of all, I understand every effort OpenAI done for safety concert, And I am willing to corperate.

​ But I really did not know what’s the action that calling your alert. I am just building a localhost webpage with GPT-4 . Normally I just ask questions to GPT-4 these days( not gpt-3 any more). It help me understanding knowlegdes, building simple web game for my kid, like a good teacher and friend. I am already used to chatting with gpt4 from time to time. So please help me out, What should I do or not to do, what is the “suspicious activity”? Yes I tried several “jailbreak” prompts for fun, is that a problem?
​ At the last, Even if I can’t get my plus account back, I want to know WHAT DID I DO? Seriously.

Thank you.