We created a drop in web widget for access to OpenAI GPT3 / Davinci 003 (Trained or untrained)

I have just finished a product for anyone struggling with embedding.

It let’s you upload documents to train the AI. (A lot of people are doing this)

But unlike other tools, it allows you to embed a clean widget into your own web page (It is a simple HTML file and a server script - eg php/ C# MVC etc)

You are provided with a Javascript function that allows you to send questions to YOUR trained model. The responses are streamed back (ie no blocking) via a javascript function, so you will see the response as it is built.

It is designed a “drop in” solution. You don’t need to program any of the interface with OpenAI. Just call a javascript function and show the user the response.

The design is extremely light. This means you can apply your own CSS, and can build your own UI around the engine. You can make it into a chat component, or a Q&A machine etc.

The component takes care of all the communications. The backend takes care of all the training. The settings keep the visitor within the corpus (optional). You don’t have to train the AI. We can leave the AI to use GPT3 (Davinci 003) base knowledge.

If you are interested, visit https://blinkdata.com and sign up for the BETA version. The Beta of this feature will be available in a few days. There is already a live implementation. We are looking for a couple more before going live.

Please make sure you include a note that you want to try the web widget when you request access. You may not hear back immediately. Please be patient (or convince us why we should put you on as an early adopter) :wink:

Note: To answer common questions: This feature is charged on a token count basis. Pay for what you need - and nothing more. The trial is free - but then it is chargeable. It doesn’t use ChatGPT. It is Davinci-003 (trained/or untrained)


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This is fabulous Raymond, thanks!

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