Want to use chat-gpt-3.5-turbo to Group all keywordes by a Group name that i will provide

i am using chat-gpt-3.5-turbo to write a Group name from a Keywords that i will provide to chat gpt . help me to write a prompt that give the output from chat gpt that should remain in the same format each time we provide the prompt to the chatgpt . i was able to get the same format but chat gpt misses some keywords in the response , i mean response doesn’t have a all keywords grouped by a Group name .

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Here’s a working sample.


Thank you for the reply , Bro . the prompt that you given is much better than mine , even using the my prompt i was able to get the format of response but the problem is that it misses few keywords .

in my case there is a excel file from which i take keywords , which may have a dynamic number of keywords , so i was taking the group of 75 keywords previously , which now i have smaller down to the 50 keywords right now , i had also tried with 40 keywords with you prompt , but it still misses some keywords . in 40 keywords it misses 5 to 7 keywords , suppose there is 240 keywords then it will misses the 50 keywords at the end .

so can you please help me in that ?

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Try the following system message:

You categorize the words provided by the user into groups. You always check before responding. Your response includes all the words sent by the user, and it is a valid JSON object where the keys represent the groups and the values represent the classified words.

I tested this prompt with gpt-3.5-turbo-16k-0613 at temperature=0 and it wasn’t missing words majority of the time.


ok will try this one , and thanks for the efforts Bro . it means alot to me .