Want to try out CBS Open Data plugin? (data about the Netherlands)

Hi everybody,

TL;DR: invite to try out plugin to talk with open datasets

I created a plugin that can lookup any one of the 4000+ open data tables of CBS (Statistics Netherlands).
It can find a specific table to answer a query, and given a query, retrieves the data and tries to answer it with pandas.
It has been really fun to develop/play with. It is especially fun to see the synergy with ChatGPT explaining technical terms about things that are in the dataset from its own world knowledge.

If you want to try out the app, please reply or pm, and Iโ€™ll supply the manifest url.
It is evening here now, so response might take some hours.

Happy hacking!
โ€“ Yeb


Iโ€™ve just uploaded the code to github - maybe it is interesting for other open-data projects as well

Hey any idea how I can use this plugin in gpt 4 I really need it for a project, \

The only way to use the plugin currently if you host it locally (using the source code from the github project linked above) and then configure a custom GPT to use the plugin api as gpt action (https://platform.openai.com/docs/actions)

Let me know if you want to try this but run into problems, I can surely help iron out any issues!

Hi Havinga!

After setting everthing up as instructed in the read me file, I have it almost running, Using Visual Basic and after setting up the live server extension and a manual port change (8123) plus changing the .env.example to env.myname adding my own API key. As last I copy pasted the schema. When running 1 of the 3 tests

I get the error:โ€œIt seems there was an error in accessing the CBS OpenData via the chatdata.nl API. This can happen due to various reasons such as connectivity issues or temporary unavailability of the service. If you have a specific query about population demographics in the Netherlands, I can try to assist you with the information I have up to my last training data, or you may try the request again later.โ€ Do I need to up my API usage credit or is there a different thing going on? Thank you!

Hi Nielsโ€ฆ

chatdata.nl was the domain name I used to run the server. So it was

openai server โ†’ chatdata.nl CBS plugin server โ†’ CBS opendata api.

So you probably need to use ngrok to your localhost, or deploy on your own server with either IP or domain name, and configure that domain name instead of chatdata.nl when editing your custom GPT action.

Hope this helps!