Want to try out CBS Open Data plugin? (data about the Netherlands)

Hi everybody,

TL;DR: invite to try out plugin to talk with open datasets

I created a plugin that can lookup any one of the 4000+ open data tables of CBS (Statistics Netherlands).
It can find a specific table to answer a query, and given a query, retrieves the data and tries to answer it with pandas.
It has been really fun to develop/play with. It is especially fun to see the synergy with ChatGPT explaining technical terms about things that are in the dataset from its own world knowledge.

If you want to try out the app, please reply or pm, and I’ll supply the manifest url.
It is evening here now, so response might take some hours.

Happy hacking!
– Yeb


I’ve just uploaded the code to github - maybe it is interesting for other open-data projects as well