Want to cancel subscription but cannot access "My Plan"

Besides finding Chatgpt 4 extremely dissapointing as for every action I want to take everytime it breaks the system (and I only do simple excel files and writing content creation), so my prompt are apparently always too long, the system can only handle 10000 lines excel sheets and after three long messages it forgets everything that was said and just makes up informations and will keep on giving me shorter content when i specifically ask for more developped and longer ones. Eventually after 10 useless messages, the system tells me that it’s not made to handle this kind of volume of words. So yeah, and today, Gpt 4 has just given up and tells me " I cannot assist you" when 3.5, no questions asked is doing what it does usually. so I want to cancel my sub, but ho well, the “my plan” page would never open. please help as I don’t want to be paying for this product anymore


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Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

The My Plan page element is a “popup” I suspect you have a popup blocker installed as an extension, or it’s a feature of your browser that’s been enabled.

If you turn off any popup blockers or perhaps use a different browser, you should be able to load the page successfully.

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Hi and thank you. I turned off popup blockers on chrome, didn’t work. I specifically told chrome to let the openai URL use popup, didn’t work. Tried to log on safari, I can click on the login button but same as with “My Plan” nothing is happening. Not sure where the problem is coming from, most likely from my settings. though I don’t do much with my laptop besides creating writing contents and doing e-mails. so I can’t say I’m the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to these things. Though I’ve registered and unsubscribed from things before.

Did you try incognito mode?

I just did and it works. thank you very much!