Voice control and read-aloud features

As a user I want to be able to click a record button and have GPT hear my prompt and respond back to me using audio read-aloud feature using a realistic human voice.

Soft Requirements:

  1. Allow me to use keystrokes to start my computer audio-in to capture my voice and once I let go it stops hearing me (think Discord UI/UX). Or, just a simple button for this in the UI. On mobile, it would be cool to create an intuitive experience for this (Special Taptic API call to Apple to start my audio prompt).

  2. Allow me to customize my assistant / GPT voice. Make sure it sounds realistic and human.


All current options for me are chrome extensions that live on top of my GPT URL. The voices are not realistic and human. The UI’s are average. I cant easily use on mobile.

Interested about how this correlates with this article:

A Silicon Valley Supergroup Is Coming Together to Create an A.I. Device

I would definitely be an early adopter of such a device (AI Phone).