Voice App - Toggle option for Viewing Conversation with Real-time Voice

I want a toggle view option between voice modulation vs. chat history

I want to have a conversation and create documents, emails, strategy materials, write code, etc. with my voice in real-time.

I want real-time voice audio AND chat window view at the same time.

ChatGPT is supposed to be multi-modal, except the UX isn’t.

The forced choice between text and chat, OR voice only inhibits productivity.

Here is the workflow I have now due to the current UX:

  1. I record my input with my voice and manually hit enter.

  2. Then I stop ChatGPT from responding.

  3. I turn on the voice assistant and ask to continue.

  4. Then I listen to the response.

  5. Then I turn off the voice assistant and read the response.

  6. Then I manually record a voice response while scrolling through the text on the screen.

  7. Then I repeat.

All of these tedious tasks would be eliminated by a toggle switch for viewing preferences.

Chat history view / Audio modulation view.

Allow me to talk and view the screen and make the user experience truly multimodal.