Virtual Therapist

Okay before I start spending my time writing essay upon essay to prove how disgusting the message you are sending is @ruby_coder

What’s your GitHub? I want to get an idea of how talented and experienced you are so I know who I’m going to battle.

Mine is

I work for the Siri artificial intelligence and machine learning engineering group at apple and have 16 years of software engineering experience.

Only if it would cost like $29 a month. If I really wanted I could teach myself psychology and get a web app up and running and offer it for this price.

I’m just swamped at apple. Don’t have time to do a side project

Hi Alain, big SoL fan here. Attractive idea but I would be be super careful* about putting GPT models in an unsupervised mental health care scenario. Apart from a bunch of practical issues, there is no legal indemnity for GPT output so you are on the legal hook for any negative outcomes of the conversations, while having very limited control over their content. At the very least, get a lawyer and an ethicist to review your idea before spending money on development.

*euphemism. I wouldn’t go anywhere near it.

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good luck, that’s a great project. :heart:

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Unfortunately this is a solution that is needed yesterday.

My big brother recently died due to his bad mental health and struggles with negative emotions (he had 5 kids) :sob:

No human psychologist, psychiatrist, or treatment center was able to help him.

For people who care about mental health, let’s not get bogged down by legalities and ethics.


Because people who don’t get the mental health care they need will turn to illegal drugs.


That is not OpenAI’s GPT algorithm.

It seems like You posted an outcome of a garbage algorithm to make people perceive OpenAI GPT in a negative manner.

That’s not okay.

  1. If you’re not trying to support OpenAIs GPT
  2. then get out of OpenAIs GPT developer forum.

De acuerdo.

Maybe not as a tool to directly talk to patients, but as a tool to support a doctor, wow. The potential is huge

Unfortunately doctors cost too much. We need to automate them to decrease costs.

GPT and AI will automate Doctors eventually. Let’s not put off the inevitable.

Simple economics.

Not at all.

Perhaps AI will take away a lot of the heavy lifting and improve diagnostics, but for a very long time we will still need physical doctors to perform the actions, and make the observations.

Also, let’s be real. If and when AI does have a body, and takes over. It will STILL cost the same as another doctor, or more. That money will just go to AI-Corp 2000 & the hospital, not to the doctor

No doubt. My comment was directed at @ideaguy3d

I was actually talking about this a month or two ago. Having an AI at the check-in of a hospital would be amazing. Any focus outside of “assistant” will have no fruit as of now (IMO)

Of course. I’m not arguing with you or anything of the sort.

I’m sure there’s many use cases for it, and we will see it all come to life.

Out of curiosity, is this AI that you are utilizing in spanish, or english?

In California the cost of good health care in $800 a month

Most psychologists cost $300 an hour.

Rent here in $2,000 a month

After taxes and paying bills I have $500 left a month

AI can reduce the price of health care and psychology to $200 a month.

Anyone pushing for human Doctors to stay in the loop is pushing for an economic model that does NOT add up.

Well my country, The United States, is different. Our economy is set up to motivate really smart people like me to automate other really smart people like doctors to decrease costs of living. It’s tough!

But maybe why we keep innovating? Idk

Well I don’t know how to solve the problems in your country. I’m just focusing on my country.

But good luck fixing things over there.

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You are focusing on one small aspect.
This is not an issue of having a human doctor, this is an issue with your countries health care.

I guarantee you having AI will not reduce costs. In fact, it will most likely increase costs. If we’re talking about completely taking over a doctor, well there’s insurance (AI dominated so lol RIP), and then there’s the physical maintenance, and then there’s the maintenance the server, the numerous other AI running in the pipeline. Much more expensive than an educated meat sack

Very smart. I’ve also noticed that in any other language it just doesn’t perform as well as in English.

Any plans to open it up for other countries? Perhaps for philanthropic purposes?

Okay fair enough. But at this point it’s a guessing game. Take a look at it like this

Future AI system = 50% chance it increases
50% chance it decreases
The roughly $1,000 per month cost

Current Human system = 100% chance it
maintains or increases
The roughly $1,000 per month cost


Personally, I believe AI will decrease cost.

  • us software engineers figure out how to decrease the cost of our products
  • Doctors always increase the costs of their products

Yeah. AI will probably replace 80% of human jobs. The top 20% of humans will stick around to assist the AI

I think you both underestimate how much the world has already changed because of AI & automation.
How many jobs have been lost, and not replaced. How many processes have been improved by a >1% amount.

Let’s take a factory for example. Once filled to the brim with human workers.
Many now with automated processes and reduced human labor.

Where are your discounts?