Very basic newbie question

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ChatGPT is being made available as a research preview so we can learn about its strengths and weaknesses. It is not available in the API

What exactly is the question, what is “this” and what is meant by
" It is not available in the API" what is api, and what is not available in it? And what does that mean in layman’s basic language, pretend you’re talking to a 10 year old who landed from another planet and has zero idea about this whole world.

I know that the following will be so difficult for some or even most but
please don’t try to sound sophisticated or all knowing with your response, ie no technical terms or in the know lingo or any of that kinda thing I’m at the alphabet learning stage and I am not intimidated by how ignorant I am with something I don’t know anything about.:pray:.

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API = Application Programming Interface…

Basically, it’s a method to query a server and get something returned. For the GPT-3 API, your program queries the API and text is returned. With DALLE2 API, your program sends a prompt and gets an image back.

API is just a way to access the model/service. So, while some GPT-3 models (like text-davinci-003) and others are available. the ChatGPT model (which is slightly different), is NOT available as an API at this time.

Hope this helps!

That explains that , thank you for the clarification. Happy new year to you.

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