V2 Migration Assistant Error

I am trying to see why my once working v1 assistant and script are now not working as I try to get my script v2 ready.

TY for insight

The error is Assistants.create() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘tool_resources’


assistant = client.beta.assistants.create(
    name="Content Creation Assistant",
    instructions=f"some instruction",
    tools=[{"type": "file_search"}, {"type": "code_interpreter"}],
    tool_resources= {
    "code_interpreter": {
      "file_ids":[internal_links_file_id, content_plan_file_id, brand_plan_file_id, brand_logo_file_id]

You likely need to update the openai Python library for it to allow previously unknown parameters through.

Thank you. Will this then stop my v1 scripts from working? If there is little to change in all my scripts I am happy to migrate all of my scripts around 7. But I am trying to see how much needs changing.

pip install openai --upgrade

pip install --upgrade openai

The change was around version 1.20 to automatically send the v2 headers for assistants. They now use vector stores for knowledge, the only major change besides additional parameters.