Using plug-ins (authenticated or not) with API

I still cannot find a definitive (and recent) answer to this question. Is it possible to use plug-ins with an API? What about plug-ins that require authentication?


You cannot use plugins with the API.

Thanks Jake. Any idea how LangChain does it with their AIPluginTool? If you look at their docs under integrations → Tools there seem to be a bunch of plug-ins they expose.

That’s something altogether different.

You’ll want to ask in a LangChain forum for that.

You can build any integrations you want with OpenAI’s API, but the OpenAI API itself does not support plugins.

I guess they are calling the plug-in directly and then feeding the results into GPT4. Pretty good work around! Any idea if there are plans to add plug-in access to this API?

There are no plugins.

They are just different applications that are part of the chain.

Thanks for your prompt replies Jake!