Using OpenAI to improve manuifactoring process

Hi all,
I hope my questios isn’t too generic.

One my customers procudes steam valves and the owner of the company asked me how OpenAI can improve the performance of its assembly line.

I read all the documentation of OpenAI but I only found infos about the chat:
Fine tuning, assistants, gtps, text-to-speech, etc.

So, how can I use OpenAI to optimize an assembly line?
Should I describe the assembly line steps to the assistant and ask for help?
It sound strange to me.

Should I pass data throught a pdf file? (i.e. create a pdf with all the logged data of the machines involved in the assembly line)
How the pdf should be formatted?

Should I pass to the assistant a new pdf every day in order to monitor the machines day by day? (i.e. for predictive mantenace)

Is OpenAI the right tool?

Thanks a lot

Hi @factory.factory

I work extensively with clients in the manufacturing space to include AI into their operations and would be happy to offer some suggestions. I sent you a DM with some additional questions.