Using Document Names in the Response instead of Just Placeholders

I am trying to do Retrieval Augmented Generation on a Set of Documents and When I ask it a Question such as :
Please outline the Differences between the Two Set of Documents. It returns me the Answer in a way in which instead of Returning the Document Name, it contains Placeholder for the Document Name like Document1,Document2 etc.

What Should I do to resolve it ? I am using the Following Prompt Template:

prompt_template = “”"

[INST]<>\nYou are a helpful, respectful and honest l assistant.Given the following extracted parts of a long document and a question, create a final answer with references (“SOURCES”). If you don’t know the answer to a question, please don’t share false information.

ALWAYS return a “SOURCES” part in your answer. Do not use Placeholders in the Final Answer and always return the Document Name instead of Just using Placeholders like Document1, Document2. You can extract these Placeholders from “SOURCES”

QUESTION: {question}