Using an image seed crashes image generation

GPT suggested I submit this ticket (generated by GPT):
Description: I am experiencing consistent errors when attempting to generate images using specific seeds in the image generation tool. Here are the details:

  • Prompt: “A whimsical scene featuring cats frolicking in a toadstool village. The village is made up of various toadstool houses with colorful caps, nestled in a lush, green environment. In the middle of the town square, there’s a giant golden cat statue that also serves as a fountain, with water flowing from its paws and mouth. The cats are playing and lounging around the statue, adding to the playful and magical atmosphere. The overall scene is vibrant, cheerful, and fantastical.”
  • Size: 1792x1024
  • Seeds causing errors: 1469117604, 123456789

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Use the specified prompt and size.
  2. Set the seed to one of the specified values.
  3. Attempt to generate the image.

Observed Behavior: The system returns an error and fails to generate the image when specific seeds are used.

Expected Behavior: The system should successfully generate the image based on the specified prompt and seed.

Additional Information:

  • The issue does not occur with randomly generated seeds.
  • The problem seems to be consistent across multiple specific seeds.

Please investigate this issue and provide any insights or solutions to resolve it.

Thank you, [Your Name]

This is via the chat interface, not the API. Just thought I’d report this so it’s on record :). thanks!