User discussion management Feature request

I would like to propose a feature that enhances the user experience during interview question discussions. The idea is to allow users to mark certain responses as “best answers” during the conversation. Once marked, the platform could offer a functionality to generate a notepad file or a text summary containing all the best answers the user has selected.

** Also if it possible to add Pin option of chat so that user can segregate the chat and always have discussion related to certain topic in certain pinned chat.

How It Works:

  1. During the conversation, users can mark specific responses as the best answers by using a designated command or button.
  2. After the discussion or at any convenient time, users can trigger the platform to compile a summary.
  3. The platform generates a notepad file or a formatted text containing the marked best answers, making it easy for users to review or reference them later.


  • Efficient Review: Users can quickly revisit and review the most valuable insights from their discussions.
  • Personal Knowledge Management: Enables users to create a personalized repository of key information for future reference.

This feature would provide a practical solution for users who engage in in-depth discussions and want a convenient way to capture and revisit the most valuable content.

I will look forward to any response. Happy coding.