Use of images created using DALL-E on my institutional web page

Dear OpenAI Team,

I have generated several images using DALL-E that I would like to use on my institution’s website.

I have reviewed the legal terms, which seem to support this use, and consulted with our legal office. However, they have advised me to seek explicit confirmation from OpenAI to ensure this use is permitted. Their response was:

“Thank you for your email. To be sure to use the images created with DALL-E on the website, I recommend that you contact OpenAI DALL-E to ensure that this is a permitted use. If you receive written confirmation, you can proceed, otherwise I unfortunately cannot give you a definite answer.”

I have been unable to find a direct way to contact OpenAI for this confirmation. Could you please provide guidance or confirmation that using DALL-E generated images on a public university website is permitted? Any official feedback or direction would be greatly appreciated to resolve this matter.

Thank you for your assistance.