Usage secion sees my free account usage. although i paid

You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details. Please note that this message is coming from OpenAI and it is not related to our plugin. It means that you do not have enough credit from OpenAI. You can check your usage here: OpenAI Platform

i get his error in a wp plugin power ai…

i look at the usage secion in cha gp i say credit finished in april

although i am paid. i get usage error like this

any idea?

The OpenAI API is pay-per-use, and you must have a prepaid credit balance or an account payment method on file. The billing system is completely separate from ChatGPT.

If you see “Start payment plan” under billing, that is where you need to enter a payment method and then purchase credits.

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Hello, artvinner31.

First, I understand the issue you’re facing regarding the error message in the WP plugin. This message indicates a lack of API usage credit from OpenAI.

Billing for OpenAI’s API usage and ChatGPT are separate.

This means that even if you have made a payment for ChatGPT, it does not cover the credit for API usage.

As you can see from the screenshots above, ChatGPT and the API have different payment routes.

As “_j” also mentioned, Therefore, if you want to use the API, you need to ensure you have sufficient credit for it.

For your reference, there’s also related information on OpenAI’s help page, so if you have any further questions, you can check there.

I hope this helps clarify things!

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thank you sooo much for clarifiying… wp plugin designers dont give this info clearly

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so if I pay for openai, i will still be able to use chatgpt normal

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