Urgent Request: Account Reactivation

Dear OpenAI Support Team,

I am writing to appeal the recent deactivation of my OpenAI account, which occurred today, I was surprised and disappointed to receive an email stating that my account had been deactivated due to access from an unsupported location.

This is particularly concerning as I have always accessed my account from Pakistan, which is an approved payment location as well. My payment was processed successfully from this same location, further raising questions about the alleged “unsupported location” issue.

I understand that OpenAI has certain security measures in place to protect its platform, but in this instance, I believe there may be a misunderstanding or error. I would greatly appreciate it if you could investigate this matter and reinstate my account as soon as possible .

The phrasing “always accessed my account from Pakistan” sounds like you took specific measures to attempt to be seen from a location where you do not actually reside.


The method to communicate with OpenAI staff, which would also have been included in the email communication, is via the help assistant at help.openai.com, where you can send a message via the lower-right icon.

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How can you be certain that I am trying to make my presence known from Pakistan? Do you expect me to provide proof such as displaying my passport, presenting other documents, or even sharing a video stream? What specific reasoning are you interested in discussing?

The forum is only your fellow users.

Something about the firewall and location services that OpenAI uses identified you as not being from a supported country.

You’ll have to do what it takes to prove your residence to OpenAI staff via the help bot system, not to anyone here on the OpenAI developer forum.

“I did all I could to mask the country where I am located, but your systems still detected me” is probably not going to be a good argument for their human review of the automated detection system.

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