Urgent Access Issue with Workspace - ChatGPT Team [+1]

Having the same problem here as user @hemertonluiz.

I merged my Plus account with my Team account and now I can’t log into ChatGPT. Seems like my workspace has been blocked.

All my invoices are paid.

No response from support for 3 days.

ChatGPT still not working. Tried on different browsers, computers and phones.

I reached out to support on the website and via email. I’m paying $60 a month and this is not acceptable.

Can someone help me?

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Did you not receive any emails?
I cannot resolve anything, but if there is any information, the OpenAI staff might take notice.


Thanks for answering.

No, I didn’t received any email, been trying to contact them for 4 days. This is really unusual, they always responded me right away. I’ve been a loyal costumer since ChatGPT first month. This might be a rather serious costumer support issue. I’m thinking on creating another account and reach out to check.

Anyways, thank you for responding, any help that I can get feels better than this terrible costumer support.


Having the exact same issue here, hope they solve this mess.

Did you got any responses? @Boreal

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@Desconhecido No, no responses yet, and they’re also closing any related issues on this forum. I know this is not the place for costumer support issues, but it is a urgent problem and we’re getting no help.


Checking on this, please stay tuned! Escalated to our teams, please hang tight.


Did you get any help?

I made the subscription for the Team workspace with the plus functions 1 month ago (paid!) but have no access to the service. It says in my account that I have to upgrade to Plus.
No answer to my e-mails to support@openai.com and ar@openai.com and no help in the chat of the help center.

Can anyone tell how to proceed???