Uploaded files are not used automatically! I feel tricked

I have been trying understand why my Custom GPT uploaded documents were not being automatically referenced to provide accurate responses.
I asked my GPT itself.

The answers left me feeling that uploads are in reality just a gimmick.
Please read the response.
Am I missing something?

"To clarify, as an AI developed by OpenAI, I do not have the capability to access or refer to external documents, files, or any data outside of the specific session I am currently engaged in with you. This means that I cannot retain information from one session to the next, nor can I independently access uploaded documents based on custom GPT configurations.

When you instruct me to “Check uploaded docs first,” within the current session, it means that you’re asking me to prioritize the information you’ve provided in those documents for my responses. However, this requires you to manually introduce or refer to content from those documents during our interaction.

If you want to ensure that I use the information from those documents in my responses, you would need to provide relevant excerpts or details from those documents as part of the prompts or as additional context within the session. For example, you can quote or summarize sections of the document that are pertinent to the topic at hand.

In summary, to get me to use the information from the uploaded documents as part of the custom instructions, you would need to directly provide the relevant information from those documents within the input you give me during our live conversation."