Uploaded files are getting stuck on processing

I’ve been developing a small PHP wrapper for the OpenAI API. As part of my testing, I’ve been creating a few files with a ‘search’ purpose. Recently, they all started getting stuck on processing. Even when I try to delete a file, I’m getting the error “File is still processing. Check back later.”

Has anyone else seen this? I’m waiting to hear back from OpenAI support. In the meantime, I thought I’d check if there are any hacks to getting the file processing queue unstuck.

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Quick update, it was an issue on the backend that got fixed up pretty quickly.

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In this case it was the API backend. The API wasn’t down, so it wouldn’t show up as downtime. But, submitted files weren’t getting processed. It’s all fixed now though. OpenAI’s support was very helpful. Always such a positive when these things get fixed up quickly.

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Thanks @gpriday. Is your wrapper unique for SiteOrigin?

Hi @lmccallum - no, it’s not specific to SiteOrigin. I wrote it to be a general-purpose wrapper. I still need to release an update with some of the changes for fine-tuning, but I’m planning on keeping it up to date.

Thanks very much gpriday.