Uploaded file name becomes 'file' unconditionally

I realized that ‘openai.File.create’ unconditionally changes a file name as ‘file’ yesterday (4/13/2022). Here is the line in my app.

fileInfo = openai.File.create(file=open("\gpt3\uploading.json"), purpose=“answers”)

A filename properties in fileInfo structure contains ‘file’ instead of ‘uploading.json’. I am sure that an uploaded file name was a file name without folder name. The last upload was probably 10 days ago. I confirmed the last upload uses an actual file name instead of ‘file’. How can I set an actual file name to an uploaded file name instead of ‘file’.

Does anyone now what’s going on? Any help will be appreciated.

I’m getting this as well, could anyone from OpenAI please help?

I updated a file like this:
response = openai.File.create(file=open(“train.jsonl”, “rb”), purpose=‘fine-tune’)

and when I list file, the filename always called “file”, this will cause the later uploads overwrite the previous one, and eventually I can only have 1 file uploaded.

  "bytes": 209,
  "created_at": 1676821064,
  "filename": "file",
  "id": "file-j6lzVv4YmAd3brhflWerxyBt",
  "object": "file",
  "purpose": "fine-tune",
  "status": "uploaded",
  "status_details": null

Could anyone from OpenAI look into this?