Upgraded and immediately locked out - A1 experience!

So I just upgraded, have been using the free GPT3.5 just fine for months. No issues, no rate limits, barely any captcha if ever, works fine.

I upgrade to the Plus subscription and look at the new menus.

I see custom GPTs and think OK I can put my custom GPT prompts in there, cool. The bot asks to make refinements, fine… and suggests profile images, of which it isn’t able to change them. I attempt to manually change the profile image but am unable to do so either. Ok. I interact with my new custom GPT and immediately I receive a message that I have used up my messages and need to wait 3 hours. What? It has been 10 minutes since my upgrade mind you, and I haven’t had the opportunity to use any service yet.

I am already frustrated beyond any conceivable measurement, I try to think, did the GPT maker bot use up all my messages? Why on earth wouldn’t they tell me this? No way in hell would I then ever interact with those tiny interactions if they count towards my limit. Ok fine, I go back browsing more menues. I see DALL-E, great, at least try to create an image. Immediately after prompting it to generate an image for me, a captcha message appears, prompting me to solve it. I do solve it but it requires me to do a 5-Step verification each with comparing 8 distorted images and counting objects. I failed one out of the 5steps, and had to repeat. Unfortunately I also failed the 2nd time because some of the distorted fork-like icons were underneath each other. I finally manage to verify I am human on the 3rd attempt. This took me 4½ minutes to do, I am sooo frustrated. Immediately after solving the captcha and wasting nearly 5 minutes, an error message appears informing me of my usage cap.
Why on earth wouldn’t you tell me before the captcha madness?!! 5 minutes wasted for absolutely nothing! I try to rate the message and immediately a new Captcha appears. I immediately cancel my subscription.

This is a straight up scam. I had none of these issues on the free plan.