Upgrade tier with microsoft startup program

Hello, I have a question regarding the API usage tiers.

I was awarded $2500 in OpenAI credit because I am participating in Microsoft’s ‘startup founders hub’ program.
My problem is that I remain stuck at tier 1 despite my $2500 credit. Do I need to purchase more credits to move up a level?

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

This is something you should speak to help.openai.com (support bot icon in the bottom right corner.

As standard, tiers only increase with paid API usage, but that would seem to preclude advanced use of the grants, I understand how counterintuitive this is and it will need discussion with OpneAI staff to resolve, not something the forum members can address.

I think you should purchase a little bit more. Also if it’s alright to ask, how many days did it take from redeeming and credits showing up in dashboard?

Yes maybe, I’m waiting for an answer from client support.
I think it took about 1 week to get the credits in the dashboard.