Unit testing using Codex

I’m looking for a prompt that would be able to consistently generate unit test based on a given code using Davinci codex. I get some mixed results when using my current prompt so I’m looking for prompt suggestions. I’m trying to achieve something like this

What’s your current prompt? Sometimes few shot with a few examples in the expected language helps.


Thanks Boris this is one I’ve tried
##### Create unit test for the source code below
### Python code

    name = []

    def set_name(self, user_name):
        return len(self.name) - 1

    def get_name(self, user_id):
        if user_id >= len(self.name):
            return 'There is no such user'
            return self.name[user_id]

if __name__ == '__main__':
    person = Person()
    print('User Abbas has been added with id ', person.set_name('Abbas'))
    print('User associated with id 0 is ', person.get_n

### Unit test for Python code

You may have more success trying to create a unit test for a single function. The code as presented above seems not to be correct, and is missing Person definition or import.

To force a unit test I might add def set_name_test( after the comment to generate the unit test. This will prompt the model to create a function, which has test in its name, hopefully resulting in a testing of the set_name function.

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