"Unhandled Promise Rejection. Arkose script failed to load"

GPT 3.5 works fine but GPT 4 does not respond at all. When I look at the console errors, I see “Unhandled Promise Rejection: Arkose script failed to load”.

Any ideas?


I have an idea: first see if you even have gpt-4 access within OpenAI Platform, and if you can use it by simple scripts. If not, there’s lots of forum threads on how to get.

The error seems to be non-OpenAI software. OpenAI will always be an http 403 or similar protocol error code, along with message


I can see gpt-4 listed in the playground model dropdown. Is that what you mean?

Yes, that you actually have gpt-4, and a key generated after you received access.

The inputs and outputs to gpt-4 should be the same. You can look at little nuances on the edge, like using the name field of roles, that can sometimes be rejected by endpoints for no apparent reasons.

More information: If in ChatGPT: Arkose is the ChatGPT captcha that makes people answer questions. Not loading the script may mean the company’s service for producing those puzzles was down.

Hi @bizzbyster I has the same problem. Do you solve it?

I’ve experienced this issue with the web interface for the last few weeks.
I just resolved by disabling my VPN.
Arkose is likely assuming that VPN users using certain IPs are using the site maliciously.

@bizzbyster I am having his same issue. Unlike Davesenior, i do not have a VPN to disable. Any suggestions would be much obliged.

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