Understanding art history through pictures

I have built a large art history database of pictures of paintings, architecture and sculpture in Adobe Lightroom and Google Photos. All are available through the web interfaces. Art Pictures are followed by a photo of description texts, where available, which usually contain name of object and artist with dates of creation and location dates of birth and death plus occasionally a description. Eg. https://adobe.ly/3FQrx1Q I cover most major European countries. There is superficial tagging within LR of location and type of institution where the art is located. I’d like to make this database available for study and recreational purposes. I envision enabling recognition of the pictures based on the subsequent text, augmented by pictures of same object available on the web. I would display and allow download of pictures across the database and web through natural language queries on any art, history or geotopical subject, combining the pictures with an erudite answer.
I’m looking for person(s) to assist me in this project.