Unbounce snags Snazzy.ai to add automated copywriting to platform

Unbounce, a Vancouver startup best known for helping marketers create automated landing pages, added a new wrinkle this morning when it announced it has acquired Snazzy.ai, an early-stage automated copywriting startup. The two companies did not share the terms. Unbounce Chief Strategy Officer Tamara Grominsky says that her company focuses on helping customers convert their customers into sales, and with Snazzy, it gets some pretty nifty technology based on GPT-3 artificial intelligence technology. …[SNIP]… [Snazzy.ai] launched in alpha last October and already had 30,000 customers, which Grominsky says Unbounce hopes to convert into customers. The good news for those customers is that the company plans to leave Snazzy as a standalone product, while incorporating the tech into the platform in ways that make sense in the coming year. [Source]

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Yeah, like the disinfo article, I think GPT-3 is going to be used more as a force multiplier - ie one man can do more work - but there will be a human involved … at least until we get to 500 trillion parameters? 100 trillion parameters?

I remember reading or hearing there was around 50 AI copywriting startups based on GPT-3. It will be interesting to see if more get gobbled up. I remember Apple purchased Book Lamp (a sort of book genome project) back in 2012 (?) and then buried the technology - or are using it in secret in the background. With that tech and something like Kindle Unlimited, they could be a real competitor to Amazon.