Unable to use GPT-4 Model as as a Paid Subscriber for almost a week

I have been unable to utilize Chat-GPT-4 as a plus subscriber in browser for almost a week. I keep recieveing the following response back only when I try again after the time, it keeps pushing the time back about about 2-3 hours each time.

How can I fix? See attached screenshot.

One possibility is that your password and account has been compromised, and someone else has been typing away at the chatbot. Or you simply shared your account details.

You can reload the browser page and look for evidence of other people’s conversations, although they could be tricky, and be editing and continuing other conversations of yours.

Change your password. It may take quite a while for others to be timed out of active sessions though, they could remain authenticated several days if they don’t close the browser.

If you cannot find reason for or cannot explain this still, you can message openai staff via the assistant at help.openai.com, and express your account concerns (and ask why there is no “disconnect other devices” interface)

My account was hacked but I changed my password and it’s still happening.

Please support bot - :tired_face::point_down:t4:

You have to click through lots of preset choices, and find the “other” path to finally enter a question for staff.

By the time they reply, bad users might have been logged out of your account.