Unable to use ChatGPT in an Electron WebView: Request for Cloudflare Restrictions Relaxation for Electron User-Agent

Hello OpenAI Community,

I am experiencing an issue while trying to use ChatGPT in an Electron WebView, and I’m hoping someone can help me find a solution. The problem I’m facing is Cloudflare’s “Prove you are human” dialogs, which have become more frequent and harder to bypass. At times, it requires up to 20 attempts to validate that “you are human,” which is simply untenable.

The main reason I’m using Electron is to facilitate easy access to my prompt library and integrate prompt templates with the context sourced from my desktop. I was working on a project called SmartPrompts.app, aiming to provide this feature as free software. Unfortunately, the Cloudflare restrictions have halted the project, as it’s unrealistic to expect users to “prove their humanity” 20 or more times just to get started.

Initially, I hoped that the problem would be temporary due to the abuse of the free API. However, it seems that the Cloudflare restrictions have only gotten worse. I am posting this to request that OpenAI consider adjusting their Cloudflare configuration to allow easier access for Electron’s WebView user-agent. As it stands, restricting access to Chrome or other browsers significantly reduces the potential for ChatGPT to be seamlessly integrated with desktop applications.

I understand that there are security concerns, but I believe that finding a solution for this issue could benefit many users who are looking to enhance their ChatGPT experience through desktop integration.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I look forward to hearing any suggestions or potential solutions from the community and OpenAI team.

Best regards,
Brian :palm_tree:

@logankilpatrick Do you have any thoughts on this?