Unable to save correct billing info

I cannot save credit card information to my account; it does not matter if it is a Visa card or Master card. It does not matter what standing your account is in.
Mods keep closing conversations that have been opened by multiple people with the same issue, telling them to contact their bank. It seems clear that the issue is not with banks but with OpenAI.

This would be a question for help.openai.com, not the developer community forum :slightly_smiling_face:.

I’m having the same issue, tried every possible workaround I could think about: VPN, clear cache, visa/mastercard, privacy card, etc. After reading through almost every related topic here, everything kind of points to just reach out to help.openai.com, but in extreme cases I’ve read people say they haven’t gotten back to them after 4 months. If you’re on a time crunch like I am, your best bet is to use an alternative service for now and hope for a solution in the near future.

I’m also having the same issue. I gave up