Unable to Pay for OpenAI Plus Subscription: Need Help Resolving Payment Issues

Dear forum members,

I am currently facing an issue where I am unable to pay for my premium subscription. I have tried using all of my cards, opening a new account, accessing the website from both my PC and mobile device with data, but to no avail. The help article provided was not helpful at all. I am based in Spain and have not encountered any issues with international payments before, except with OpenAI. I would appreciate it if someone could offer some useful advice or communicate with Stripe regarding this matter.

Thank you for your help.

Now I have been charged twice and I don’t have access to the Plus. I don’t understand anything… Please, can someone help me? The customer support and technical assistance are not helpful at all.

I have essentially the same problem, including working subscription for previous two month without any issues. Although, I’m based in Taiwan. I was trying to reach OpenAI support, they didn’t respond.

So, this is it. I guess, this company just don’t need paid customers.