Unable to Pass Whole Conversation or any ChatGPT Responses?

Just figured out today that ChatGPT seems to only pass back to the plugin just the user message.

We can’t see a way to get passed (A) the full conversation and/or (B) the ChatGPT response to the message.

This information would be incredibly useful.

Is this correct?

If not, can someone point me to a resource that explains how to get this information passed?

If so, is this the intention of OpenAI to continue this pattern or fix/upgrade?

Thank you so much!


If I understand your answer correctly, once you end your session with chatGPT openai.com itself…it will discontinue the “persistent memory” of that conversation.
OpenAI.com has an ennormous responsibility and IMO has mad only an essential chatGPT GUI.
Since chatGPT is in a revolution, there is much hope by using a spare gmail address and asking YouTube only AI related questions. Soon the algorithm will assist you and new projects answering the speed of your collective conscience will just appear in your YouTube ‘relateds’.
Once you know of the lingo (like the above) more answers will appear.

I hope this stix.


Thanks for the response oryxchannel/jpeek.

Unfortunately, your first line is not the issue. It is not about continuing a conversation later or having a persistent memory.

According to my developers, the only thing that Chat GPT passes to the plugin is last user message.

It would be incredibly useful if the plugin could also receive (A) Chat GPT’s response and, more broadly, (B) the whole current active conversation.

Assuming this is a real, intended limitation, it eliminates a lot of possible plugin functionality.

Maybe they’re missing something…or maybe this is just not possible right now.

ChatGPT inherently handles this history. If you need it within the context of your application, just save it to a DB or use the role function of the ChatGPT 3.5 or later API.

Thanks for the response…Sorry, I’m not talking about ChatGPT’s handling of history for me.

I can’t save ChatGPT’s response to a DB because my software can’t access it.

Unless my developers told me wrong, ChatGPT appears to only pass just the last message from the user. There is no way to see ChatGPT’s response(s). Therefore, I cannot access full conversation history or even ChatGPT’s latest response.

It will pass whatever you prompt it to pass. Including previous dialog. Just tell it in your spec and response prompts

I am developing a ChatGPT plugin myself and never found this to be a concern. As in, all I will care about are the API calls into my system. There is a high chance that users are working with multiple plugins, and OpenAI is combining data from each to deliver a comprehensive experience on the Chat side.

I don’t believe that is something we should get access to considering privacy reasons.

I too would like the ability to see both sides of the conversation. I’m probably the millionth person working on the low-hanging fruit: long-term memory for ChatGPT.

I ran across this in a search for an answer to another question and see that it seems no one is understanding part (B) of your question.

My take for part (B) is that

  1. A prompt is entered into ChatGPT,
  2. If one or more plugins are active then the LLM considers if a request should be made to any plugins.
  3. If a request is made to a plugin, the plugin will handle the request and response.
  4. After all of the plugin that were sent a request respond, then ChatGPT will use those request to continue the completion. It may even modify the request to a plugin and send a new request.
  5. Finally after the completion is done, then you would like all of the completion to be made available to the plugin, which I suppose would be another request but with a different route (endpoint).

Is this what you seek?

At present I would have to agree with your developers that it is not possible as designed. While it might be possible with with a browser extension, that is a nightmare I would avoid (think extension for every browser and getting all users to install the correct extension) but if you throw enough money at it I am sure someone would be willing to work on it; not me.

Now with that hopefully understood, for part (A) I would have to agree with @ruv reply


In doing my daily current events update found these

Chrome extension.

ChatGPT plugin.


For more info a Google search with these keywords export chatgpt conversation browser extension gives lots of results.