Unable to load challenge whenever I ask a question

I am getting a prompt to solve a challenge every time I ask a question. but the challenge never loads, even if I refresh the page, or start a new conversation


I also face the same problem

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Facing the same issue - challenge not loading

Help, I plan to file a complaint with the consumer protection agency.

It’s the same here. I’ve tried using a free account, and it succeeds in getting an answer(ChatGPT 3.5). I think it happens only for logged-in users. I can see that sign-in also doesn’t work(both with an email and Google account).

same here, I cant use chatgpt with my premium acc but if i log out there is no issue

Unable to resolve challenge , same issue I think Chatgpt is Down

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I’ve been facing the same issue for about half an hour now, and I’ve already tried logging in again multiple times