Unable to create fine-tuned models as plus and pay as you go member

for a school research project i try to create a fine-tuned model that serves as a shop assistant.
i am trying to create a fine-tuned model with a set of prompts. i am able to upload the file with prompts, but when i try and create a fine-tuned model i get the error that you’re not allowed to create a fine-tuned model with an explore plan.

I have plus on the normal plans and have auto recharge turned on with credits in my account. above the balance it says i am a “pay as you go” member, but still unable to create fine-tuned models. i have tried all available base models, but all without success. Is there something i am missing, that allows me to create a fine-tuned model?

I don’t know, beyond your Plus membership doesn’t have anything to do with the Assistants API.

But maybe this will help: