UML Class Diagram


This is my first attempt with Codex so it might be that I missed something :sweat_smile:

I asked the Codex to draw an UML Class diagram and seemingly it did it but the picture/result wont appear.

/* Draw an UML diagram for a subclass Peter, parent class Father */
var peter = document.createElement('div');
peter.innerHTML = '<img src="" />';

This is the result in the box on the right but the picture won’t appear and I’m not able to access the picture if I open the link.

I tried with other requests for class diagrams and it happened over and over again.

Any ideas :)?


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I think this is the result of Codex knowing what the URL “should look like” but not actually having an actual idea how webpages actually work. It’s trained on text data only … it doesn’t actually know how to open a browser and visit a website.