Two-Tiered Sorting of Chats in ChatGPT for Improved Organization and Accessibility

Currently, chats in the left column are sorted by the last date of use. This display is suboptimal, especially when it comes to finding older chats related to a specific task (GPT).

To solve this problem, I propose a two-tiered sorting method (similar to what is possible in the history column of Firefox, where sorting by date and website is available). In ChatGPT, the primary sorting would be by the respective GPT, while the secondary sorting would consider the last date of use. A reverse sorting hierarchy could theoretically be conceivable, but might be less useful.

This two-tiered sorting would significantly ease the process for users to have their chats displayed both thematically and chronologically. This would greatly simplify the task of finding specific chats related to certain topics or tasks or GPT.

I am very eager to hear your opinions and feedback on this proposal.


I like your idea. The sorting process is indeed subpar right now. I suspect there has been little to no time invested in improving this, but i think it will drastically improve in no time

Some sort of sorting would definitely be beneficial.

I would suggest a separate page where chats can be sorted by topic or keywords. analyzing the chats and clustering them should not be a big problem. there is certainly a lot of room for improvement in this area.

Looking forward to your solution.

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The answer is right in front. Copy the sidebar’s UI. The interface needs indexing features with Tags, Categories, and Topics. It’s that simple.

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sounds logical, but where do I find the ChatGPT’s sidebar’s URL ? Could you please provide more details how to handle this user-friendly?