Two or four images by default?

Stop giving them ideas!! lol

We got 10 I believe in the first Labs iteration…

Double might come back as the network stabilizes, I bet.

Next up is -2 images! You must supply the AI with two of YOUR drawings that it requests before it does anything! Muahahaha. :wink:

Sometimes I have two, when I explicitly state N:2.

But since the new version of ChatGPT, it doesn’t listen to my custom instructions very good.

I asked to show the exact JSON formatted payload it send to the image_creator and the exact parameters it got back.

That worked perfectly, but now it just spits out images, without showing these (useful) parameters.

I made thousands of drawings by hand in my life, so that’s no problem.

With the new Hot Mod model I am turning them into new creations, which is really fun to see.

Cartoons from the 80’s and 90’s (I drew back than) are now redrawn by GPT in the Hot Mod model.

I found now I can only receive one (1) images by default :cry:.

Correct, the system can’t handle the load. They are even blocking new customers.

Even when you explicit set “N : 2” it wil create one.

But you can say “Another one!” and it will do.