Two ChatGPT suggestions for OpenAI

Two suggestions for OpenAI:

1. Create a scratch pad for AI queries that don’t need to be retained. Creating a whole new OpenAI chat is over-kill for one or a few quick ad-hoc questions. OpenAI could introduce a form of scratch pad, which resets after each session, that’s suitable for a few quick AI prompts that don’t require a recorded history. Otherwise one-off ad-hoc queries have the same prominence in the OpenAI website GUI as complex interactions and clutter the side menu.

2. Number each ChatGPT response. All code-blocks within ChatGPT chats should be numbered, so users can reference a specific earlier code-block. “Please update the earlier code” could be more specific with a reference number. All responses could potentially have a small subtle grey number identifier to allow users to reference a specific earlier interaction within the conversation. This could be extended to include a reference / step number for each response.