TTS API speaking individual letters


Has anyone had luck getting the TTS API to correctly speak individual letters? For example using the input “P L A N T” results in randomly skipping some letters, or most of the time only speaking the first letter.

  • Tried a few different punctuation variations, and padding with words on both sides without success.
  • Tried with all 4 models, including, HD, 1106, 1106HD and different voices, same issue.

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You would be better off including the phonetic pronunciations of each letter, Double You, Eye, Sea, etc, etc. you could use traditional software to take a given input string and convert it to the spoken “word” versions.

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I bet you can just put a period after each letter if you want it to say the letters.

If that doesn’t work, be be sure to actually ask ChatGPT how to do this!