Trying out making my first GPTs

Hey, I took a crack at creating my first GPTs.

They are public, but I wasn’t able to find a public GPT search library (which it really needs).

Since no links are allowed in here (why?) I’m not able to share links or more than one image in this post.

My thoughts about my own GPTs, I feel people need more fun, so adding specific characteristics into the chatbots I think is a good way to do that.

Things I ran into:

  • No public library. Makes it difficult to search.
  • There are chat bubbles besides the GPT in the list, but no way to see what they are about. You’re not transferred to the thread when clicking on the chat bubbles.
  • Even though I tried to avoid making images of IP, the image generation wouldn’t stop even with general descriptions.

PS. I was lucky to make mine while the US still was sleeping it seems. Now it’s so much traffic that it’s almost impossible to make GPTs :joy:

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