Try a new GPT: Mental Health Buddy

hi guys.

Test out my new GPT:

Name: Wellnio - Your Mental Health Buddy
Description: Tell me how you feel and I will help you instantly feel better + teach you how to feel great every day
Link: http s://

If you’re currently going through mentally or emotionally challenging times (anxiety, stress, loneliness, depression, unhealthy behavior, etc), this GPT is for you. It will help you feel better instantly.

My name is Klemen and I’m deeply passionate about helping you and people improve their mental health, and cope with unpleasant emotions, and addiction.

I am an award-winning exec, founder with one successful exit, and also a former alcoholic, with multiple burnouts, trauma from sexual and physical abuse in my teens, depression, and even a suicidal attempt.

I was fortunate to work closely with some of the world’s most remarkable experts in human health and wellness, with a strong emphasis on mental and emotional health. Even built an app “Soulvana” for group meditations that went on to become the highest rated app for mental health, group meditations, and spirituality on both app stores before I sold it to Mindvalley.

With your health and wellness,

PS: If you have any questions about mental health, DM me or reply here. Happy to help.

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