Trouble viewing and downloading DALLE-2 images

I’ve generated hundreds of images on DALLE-2.

When I try to view them it’s extremely slow/glitchy in scrolling down. And when I try to download an image nothing happens - downloads seem to be disabled.

I’m running into this both on my phone app and on my browser on my PC.

Is this a known issue being worked on?

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having the exact same issue. I have also generated hundreds of images previously and had no problems however in the past few days i can no longer download anything, upload any image to generate variations, or view my recent generations from the sidebar. very frustrating, as I use dalle almost daily.

Also having this issue and cannot find anything on this anywhere. When I try and download an image nothing happens. When toggling between pages, pages do not load unless I refresh the page. I can see all of my history but I cannot download anything. The option to download is there but nothing happens when I click it… help!?!

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Update, still having this same issue. the dalle-2 service has been rendered entirely unusable since the dalle-3 launch. I paid for those credits and those images. extremely frustrated.