Triggered Daily limit after sleeping 10 hours or more after last generation says 22hours remaining until able to use again counter counting in reverse

I just woke up after yesterday Dall-E became utterly unusable due to an ever increasing amount of issues and bugs. I have not used the service in 10+ hours. Yet right now I try to generate images and it says I have 22 hours to wait, which means 2 hours ago the limit was reset. How could I possibly have triggered the limit if I did not use the service in these two hours, barely used the service yesterday, because of all the bugs. And definitely did not use the image generator in the last ±10 hours before the reset?

Counter seems to increase time to wait instead of reduce it see comment for more:

The daily limit counter is counting up instead of down, This is the first time I encountered the warning, when I posted this topic:

This is after I posted this topic 30 minutes later:

For proof the last one again couple minutes later:

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Just to say this, but this is happening again I just checked my limit is now 10hours 30 minutes till I can generate gain, an hour ago it was 9 hours and 30 minutes, meaning the time it takes to get back to generating is counting up instead of down