Tried asking GPT4 for help with the API. Gave up

Theres nothing extra here. The bots have no idea how the current API works. So their corrections are literally out of date and useless.

What you can do is paste in the part of the docs you are struggling with and ask it to explain/generate the code for you.

Or - you can ask questions in this forum…

I thankyou for the intent in your response. However, this is less about needing help, and more about the fact that the bot has no clue about its own api. seems Its both frustrating and ironic. But also less of a “complaint” and more of a suggestion in complaint form. If that makes sense…

The problem you have is that the training data stops at September 2021 - so it’s not going to know about the latest version of the API.

If you have the browser version available to you then you can tell it to go and read the docs and give you an answer. But at the moment you are asking it to do something impossible.

thank you for all of your assistance.its resulted in me comprehending how endpoints and definitions work.