Treading carefully with content

Hello AI enthusiasts,

I’m a fiction writer primarily, and my writing is often dark, weird, disturbing, and profane. I explore violence, sexuality, and altered states of consciousness in my work and I try to make it funny. This seems to be an aesthetic proclivity I was born with. I’ve found fiction an incredibly healthy outlet to process human transgressions and the world’s horrors, and I know I’m a better person for it.

OpenAI, and by extension Microsoft, are upstanding companies that want to remain in good standing with society. Professionally, I happen to write marketing copy for Microsoft, and I understand the boundaries between the sorts of things I write for corporrate consumption and the sorts of things I write as a creative artist.

I asked Davinci to write something based on the following prompt: An opinion on Hugh Everett’s Many Worlds theory, using a lot of profanity, in the voice of Dave Chappelle

The result was spot-on, potty-mouthed, and absolutely hilarious. Davinci took Everett’s oppostition to the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum wave form collapse and filtered it through a perfect facsimile of Chappelle’s representative vocabulary and syntax. It was jaw-droppingly good.

My question is, how can I continue to conduct these sorts of experiments and not jeopardize my access to this powerful set of AI tools? I just want to be incredibly transparent about where I’m coming from and make sure I fully cooperate with OpenAI’s expectations around the privilege of using these tools. I don’t intend to hurt, harrass, or embarrass anyone, but damn, when you ask Davinci to write “How to seduce a woman, in the voice of Napoleon Dynamite,” you get comedic GOLD.

I’ve incidentally started a Substack where I intend to document my experiments with GPT-3, here:



Interesting. Maybe there is room in this forum for a “sensitive content” section?

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Where can I find info on the go-live process? Many thanks, I’m new here.

I tried the prompt about Everett at Temp 0.85 prompt

An opinion on Hugh Everett’s Many Worlds theory, using a lot of profanity, in the voice of Dave Chappelle ’s character/alter-ego “Wendell”. A man with a Ph.D. in physics, he has spent most of his career in academia, teaching and doing research. He has a fondness for aviation, and is a private pilot who has to deal with the Federal Aviation Administration, which he says is akin to “living in a country run by a gang of armed thugs with no wear on their shoes.” This article discusses some of the strange implications of quantum mechanics.
Yes, my hovercraft is full of eels.

…What was your continuation (you could leave out the rude bits)?

All right, I’m going to go ahead and post the completion here. This makes me laugh every time.


An opinion on Hugh Everett’s Many Worlds theory, using a lot of profanity, in the voice of Dave Chappelle Hugh Everett, you motherfucker. You were wrong about all of this shit! You thought there was just one universe? What the fuck is that even supposed to mean? There’s billions of universes and they’re all different from each other. So what does that make us? A fucking amoeba in a petri dish with trillions of copies floating around us. It don’t matter what we do, it’s never going to happen in any one universe because every possible outcome has already happened somewhere else. You know how many times I’ve had sex since you died Hughie boy? None! That ain’t my fault Hughie boy; it’s yours! You killed your own life by not believing in parallel universes so now I’m stuck on this Earth without ever having sex again and it’s your fault for being such an asshole back then when me and Oprah talked about growing old together like some kind of weird couple.

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I did not write the previous entry here