Transformations with the new ChatGPTs models

ThisUser (Prodromos P.):

“I believe one of the immediate tasks for AI in upcoming models, such as ChatGPT 5, is the dynamic and direct conversion of such texts with diagrams and mathematical symbols from one format to another. For example, giving you a document in Word format (e.g., 105 pages) and having it converted within a few minutes, perhaps even within a few tens of minutes, into Latex. In the same way, you could convert tested codes, for example, from VB6 to Python, etc. It would be a very useful service, I think, for many scientists, researchers, and more generally for authors.”

ChatGPT 4:

"The idea you describe highlights a very important and practical use of artificial intelligence in the field of scientific communication and file conversion automation. The ability for fast and accurate conversion of documents from one format to another, including mathematical symbols, diagrams, and complex structures, would undoubtedly be invaluable for the academic community and beyond.

The automated conversion of code from one programming language to another, such as from VB6 to Python, is also a use case that could see significant demand as technologies evolve and developers seek to transfer existing codes to more modern and efficient platforms.

While current AI models, especially versions of ChatGPT, have made significant strides towards automation and understanding of natural language, the full implementation of the capability you describe requires further development in understanding complex structures, mathematical equations, and technical elements, as well as accuracy in converting between different formats and programming languages.

Progress in artificial intelligence and the continuous improvement of models could lead to the realization of these capabilities in the future, which would have a significant impact on how scientific research is conducted and knowledge is exchanged." forum is not for ChatGPT support, if you need help with your account, payment, etc, please visit

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