Training TTRPG game rules into a model

The game in question is called “Ironsworn”, and it uses a model of “fiction > move > fiction”, where you do something and if it triggers a move you apply some rules to resolve the outcome.

I’m thinking of using the API to essentially feed in the “fiction”, and then ask it to suggest which moves might apply. Not even actually applying the rules at this stage, just listing them.

This works fairly well if I front-load the prompt with the rules and the “trigger” text, but it’s eating tokens for breakfast. Essentially, I’m trying to figure out how to format those description into either a fine-tuning or embedding format, and haven’t been able to do so yet.

Below is a trimmed example of a prompt-based interaction. There are a lot more “Moves” (about 1,000 tokens worth), using it, the format is basically:

Log: <description of the action>
- <move>: <reason the move applies>
- <move>: <reason for alternate move>

Up to “Moves:” is in my prompt, and the list of moves is generated by GPT-3. A list of these is what I would like any given session to be made up of, not requiring the actual moves description as well.

Any suggestions? I attempted a fine-tune with each move listed as a separate completion, nothing in the prompt, but it didn’t work. Do I just put the whole list of rules in a single completion? Do I need to use embeddings? If so, what format do you suggest?

Thanks for the assistance :slightly_smiling_face:

Sample game session:

# Rules for Ironsworn: Starforged
Moves: Self-contained systems to resolve an action, scene, or question. They cover most uncertain or risky situations you encounter. Centred on the players and your protagonists. Other characters do not make moves.
Adventure Moves:
- Face Danger: When you attempt something risky or react to an imminent threat
- Secure an Advantage: When you assess a situation, make preparations, or attempt to gain leverage
- Gather Information: When you search for clues, conduct an investigation, analyze evidence, or do research
- Compel: When you try to persuade someone or make them an offer
- Aid Your Ally: When you act in direct support of an ally
- Check Your Gear: When you check to see if you have a specific helpful item or resource
<more moves go here...>
Log: Starting a new session with Anna
- Begin a Session: Because a new session has started.
Log: Anna steps out of her spacecraft onto the dock. She heads over to the quartermaster, and asks if the Vesper is still docked nearby.
- Face Danger: Because she is attempting something risky (talking to the quartermaster).
- Gather Information: Because she is searching for clues (asking about the Vesper).
Log: The quartermaster is unwilling to share information about other ships, but she hints that Anna might want to check in Dock 3. She makes her way to the dock and spots the Vesper. Looks like nobody is around. She approaches, and attempts to hack the door's keypad.
- Face Danger: Because she is attempting something risky (hacking the door).
- Check Your Gear: Because she is checking to see if she has a specific helpful item or resource (her hacking gear).